This is not a comprehensive list of all the languages of Pangea, just some of the ones that deserve special mention.

The language of the ancient Lemurians. So ancient and alien that no human or demihuman can learn it. It is only understandable through the use of magic. Commonly used in arcane and clerical writings.

The first language developed after the fall of the Lemurians. The language of the Witch Kings. Forms the basis for many Beastmen dialects. Still used regularly in Midian. Commonly used in arcane and clerical writings.

High Imperial
The Language of the Age of Heroes. Still used by scholars and nobles. Commonly used in arcane and clerical writings as well as machinist schematics.

Low Imperial
The “Common” tongue of the Empire, understood by most humans and demihumans and a large proportion of monsters.

The complex and subtle tongue of the ancient dragons. Commonly used in arcane writings.

Properly called Alda, the elvish language uses a complex series of pictograms and encorporates bits of Feyspeak. Commonly used in arcane writings.

Properly called Khazuun, the dwarvish language uses a runic alphabet that influenced the Imperial script. Sometimes used in clerical writings and machinist schematics.

The language of the primordial trolls. Has no written component. Blended with Ur to form the basis for most Beastmen languages.

The language of faeries, sprites, dryads, satyrs, and other fey creatures. Has no written component. Influenced the elvish and gnomish tongues.


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